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Sunday, 2021-05-09, 7:13 PM
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    I Am an American Citizen!

    This is My Website, and as of now,

    I Still have the Right to my Own Opinion.



    I found this on Facebook.

    Please read this Girls, it's





    If you ever feel any of these ways,

    Remember these words!




     I got this graph at "Mother Jones" 

    ( I said this would happen since 1983. I was WHAATT ? )



    Keep fighting the Good Fight Elizabeth!!!!!

    Could you guess I'm a Big Fan!!!



    As for the order of my Dolls.

    The Dolls,

    always start out with My Doll, and

    next, My Kids Doll.

    And it's easier for the eye to flip flop the colors.

    NO Other Reason!!!!





    My Opinion.




    Live and let Live!


    Here in Bizzarro World,

    Wrong is Right and Right is Wrong.

    I can't understand how we let this happen.

    By now, as humans, we should be smarter.

    It's time to change this nightmare we're

    calling our lives and take our rights {and money} back

    from those who actually stole it.

    In this case, Right is Wrong for America!!!

    Just look at your lives. They did this.

    The Pursuit of Happiness used to be part

    of the Constitution.

    Now you only have the right to be a slave to

    the Corporate Owners of these Politicians.

    Don't Vote for someone with a

    Proven Track Record of being intent on

    Destroying Your Life!!!!



    This downward plunge didn't start 8 years ago!

    It started 16 years ago!

    8 years ago, The People were handed a

    PILE OF RUBBLE and told Good Luck!

    And Oh, and by the way, we're gonna stand in

    your way every time you try to fix it!!!


    That tells me, you want to destroy me SOME MORE!!!

    I personally need someone to stop with

    the actual destruction and get on with the building up!

    I've had all the lip service I can take!!!!!


    You have talked me to death and done nothing but

    steal my rights and money!!!!


       Stop Congress and Senate from stealing  

    everything and giving it to the Extremely Evil .1%!!!!!

    Break the spine of that Book

    you carry around under your arm!

    Not once does it say "Greed is Good". Not ONCE!!

    Not once does it say "Hate thy neighbor". Not ONCE!!

    STOP using My God to further Your Agenda!



    This Destruction of Humanity by

    Greed and Selfishness has destroyed the very

    fabric of what once made America Great.


    They broke the circle and refuse to fix it!

    There will come an end to this broken circle.

    When even the .1% will have nothing more to take.

    They will already have it all!



    The sad reality here in Bizzarro World

    is, they ALREADY DO!!!!

    What will satisfy their need now???



    Greed Is a Sin!!!!


    for 18 and Over
    STOP EVIL!!!
      Is this where you Really want 
        your Tax Dollars to end up!   
    {Conservative Economics}
     Steal from the poor, give to the Already Rich!
       DON'T WASTE YOUR VOTE!!!!  
      WRONG IS WRONG!!!!!!
     We MUST make this STOP !!!! 
    Don't Let Your Vote Be Stolen!!!!
    Check Out
    in Castle Politics.
    I got my Ted and Donnie bodies from
    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (on TBS).
    LOVE her Show!!!
    { I value my Soul and Greed is a SIN }
    We Love ya Bernie, but it's Hillary's Turn!!
    Be a Love, and Help us all where you can!!!
    P.S.   The Trump Tactics have got to stop! We're better than that!!!


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